0.10.1 October 10 2012

  • TileMill - Fixed file handling behavior on windows to avoid symlink errors when run as non-admin

  • TileMill - autostyle now works against active stylesheet

  • TileMill - fixed crash when using relative paths to layers (like in open-streets-dc project)

  • TileMill - Enabled interactivity display in mbtiles export preview window

  • TileMill - Fixed tabs switching on plugins load

  • TileMill - Fixed handling of metatile setting in exports (ce6e7fc45e7517cba34f2075442d268d2b253db4)

  • Carto - Allows text-face-name properties to be unquoted

  • Carto - Detects inline Format XML tags in text-name and passes such output straight to XML for advanced text names.

  • Carto - Fixes bugs around concatenation of strings in expressions

  • Carto - Fixes parsing of comments in between selectors

  • Carto - Fixes parsing of whitespace in calls

  • Carto - Improved error messages for unknown properties - advises user on the property name most closely matching the incorrect input.

  • Carto - Improved errors for calls, advises user on number of arguments

  • Millstone - Will now throw if files do not exist (instead of throwing on missing/unknown srs)

  • Millstone - Fixed support for loading layer datasource files from alternative windows drives

  • Millstone - Moved to no-symlink/no-copy behavior on all windows versions

  • Millstone - Updated node-srs version

  • Millstone - Improved handling of known file extensions to better support guessing extensions via headers

  • Millstone - Fixed handling of sqlite attach with absolute paths

  • Millstone - Fixed missing error handling when localizing Carto URIs

  • Mapnik - Fixed handling of raster alpha blending with high quality resampling methods like bilinear

  • Mapnik - Reduced memory allocations for reading rasters for better raster rendering performance

  • Mapnik - Fixed RGB-HSV conversion used in saturation compositing operation

  • Mapnik - Improved support for CSV files with mixed newlines

  • Mapnik - CSV parsing speed up by avoiding adding WKT/JSON geometry data to attributes

0.10.0 September 19 2012

  • Support for Mapnik compositing at style level comp-op and feature level polygon-comp-op (porter-duff plus many more custom blend modes are supported)

  • Support for Mapnik image-filters like blur, emboss, and sharpen

  • Ability to turn on and off geometry clipping at feature level

  • Ability to smooth lines with line-smooth;

  • Turned marker-width and marker-height into expressions

  • Turned building-height into an expression

  • Added support for regex in carto filters like #world[name =~ "A.*"]

  • Added support for quotes in carto filter values like #world[name2="Sa'ad"]

  • Carto parsing now provides better errors for unmatched parens

  • Improved support for autodetection of geojson from the cartodb api (node-srs)

  • Added support for escaped URLs to remote datasources (for cartodb)

  • The raster-mode property has been renamed to raster-comp-op and now supports all SVG compositing operations (but uses dashes instead of underscores - so grain_merge is now grain-merge) (Mapnik)

  • Support for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

  • OS X app is now signed with Developer ID (Gatekeeper)

  • Interactivity now works on features that have negative or zero primary key values

  • Fixed a bug where interactivity templates broke when they ended in a number value

  • Version update checking no longer blocks application startup.

  • Column names in CSV datasources named ‘lng’ are now automatically recognized as the longitude column

  • Added ability to zoom to layer extents

  • Added ability to toggle layer visibility

  • Added ability to trigger opening http links by clicking on features using ‘location’ template

  • Added ability to set the metatile size in the project settings

  • Added ability to set the Map buffer-size size in CartoCSS

  • Added support for http proxies

  • Added support for remote icons (millstone)

  • Improved support for handling remote csv and kml files (millstone)

  • Added more raster resampling methods like windowed filters of ‘blackman’ and ‘hanning’

  • Added ability to upgrade plugins

  • Fixed a bug where compatible plugin versions did not show up if there were newer incompatible versions

  • TileMill now supports reading CSVs with a column named either ‘WKT’ or ‘GEOJSON’ and encoded as either Well Known Text or GeoJSON, respectively. This allows CSV files to support more geometry types than just points.

  • New Verbose mode for getting more detailed information in the TileMill logs of project loading status

  • Symlinks are now used on Windows Vista and above to speed up project loading and data handling efficiency

  • Data now should automatically update when a project is saved on Windows (no longer a need to rename the

  • SVG/PDF export with labels should work again on Windows

  • Support for filtering by geometry type like #countries['mapnik::geometry_type'=polygon]. Both point, polygon, linestring, and collection are supported keywords that match geometry types. Collection means that a feature stores mixed types, like both a point and a polygon.

0.9.1 May 07 2012

  • Now using Node v0.6.17 (previous 0.9.0 release used Node v0.4.12)

  • Now using Mapnik 2.1.0-pre at 113f3937cf (previous 0.9.0 release used Mapnik 2.1.0-pre at b8632c20)

  • Better error output in logs if a crash occurs during rendering or exports

  • Supports PostGIS 2.0 (Mapnik)

  • Interactivity UI now warns about the need for users to provide a unique key for PostGIS layers.

  • Invalid fonts no longer prevent startup (Mapnik)

  • Better reporting of Carto parse errors to UI

  • Faster exports by detecting solid tiles and avoiding duplicate encoding and storage

  • Faster refresh after saving (Mapnik)

  • Fully 64-bit build on Mac OS X (dual 64/32-bit support dropped)

  • Better support for GDAL rasters - larger rasters can be loaded now without hitting “bad:alloc”

  • Supports zooming up to z22 (fixed by new Mapnik clipping and ModestMaps respecting project settings)

  • Now supports epsg projection syntax so that “+init=epsg:4326” can be used as shorthand for “+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +no_defs” (proj epsg lookup tables now packaged)

  • Doc fixes to make it clearer how to run a headless Ubuntu server

  • Grid interactivity rendering faster (using async callbacks in node-mapnik)

  • KML now supported in Windows build (Mapnik uses OGR built with expat support)

  • PDF/SVG support now supports markers fully (Mapnik)

  • Reading interlaced PNG images now works (Mapnik)

  • Multigeometries are now labeled properly (Mapnik)

  • Improved support for rendering svg icons from sjjb (Mapnik)

0.9.0 January 24 2012

  • Plugin system for UI components.

  • Core app & tile servers are now separate processes.

  • Redesigned UI with global sidebar navigation.

  • Redesigned UI for export and project settings.

  • Native webkitgtk based browser window for Linux version.

  • Native CEF (chromium embedded) browser window for Windows version.

  • Added server commandline/config option for running TileMill without a window.

  • Datasource downloads and other mapnik-intensive operations can now be cancelled.

  • Upload export command for rendering and uploading at once.

  • Project thumbnails are now cached at save time to a .thumb.png file local to each project.

  • Improvements to full screen mode behavior on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

0.8.0 December 22 2011

  • Added preference pane and about box to main app.

  • Added ability to authenticate with Mapbox to upload directly to your hosting account.

  • Support for inverted sections in Mustache tooltip templates.

  • File browser now defaults to the user’s home directory.

  • No longer create a data directory in the Mapbox folder.

  • Centerpoint is included in exports if it is valid.

  • More reasonable default zoom settings for new projects.

  • Added option to update to development builds.

  • Moved preferences to ~/.tilemill/config.json.

  • Changed default server port to 20009.

  • Better logging/error reporting from export command.

0.7.2 December 08 2011

  • Fix jitter in Carto editor.

  • Add support for conditionals in Mustache templates.

  • Better first run experiance for Ubuntu users.

0.7.1 December 07 2011

  • Introduces Save & Style, an option to automatically add an appropriate style for a layer when you add it to your project.

  • Updates CodeMirror, fixing a Safari glitch.

  • Fixes a performance problem related to computing colors while typing stylesheets.

  • Improves error formatting for technical errors.

  • Fixes location formatter in exports.

  • Allows for Linux Mint 11 Katya in Linux install script.

  • Improves performance of front page listing and project opening.

  • Improved autocompletion of selectors, properties, and values.

  • Updated default project and default stylesheet to use Natural Earth 1.4, with proper Sudan borders.

  • Adjusted Sparkle Mac OS X updating system.

0.7.0 November 20 2011

  • Fixed a bug in the Mac app where saving files such as exports would not obey custom filenames entered.

  • Ensured that saved files automatically contain the original file’s extension if a custom filename is entered.

  • Added autocomplete in Carto editor for properties, variables and values. Press ‘tab’ to activate.

  • Upload MBTiles to Mapbox Hosting directly from export menu.

  • Includes SQLite fixes from Mapnik which ensure features are not missing and all join types are supported.

  • Significant changes to how interactivity is authored and exported. Mustache templates are now used instead of pure JavaScript.

  • Add ability to browse entire local filesystem when adding or editing a layer.

0.6.2 November 01 2011

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent interactivity behavior from the first row in an imported CSV from working.

  • Fixed a bug where highlighted syntax errors in the Carto editor would not show tooltips properly.

  • Fixed a bug in the Mac app that would prevent some alert and confirmation dialogs from working properly.

  • Fixed a bug in the Mac app where the user wouldn’t be prompted to save their work at app quit time.

  • Removed behavior in datasource panel that would force the SRS for certain file extensions.

  • Custom SRS strings are supported for CSV files, but the default remains WGS84.

  • More robust CSV parsing.

0.6.1 October 26 2011

  • Fixed several bugs with the Mac OS X interface that prevented the user from clicking links.

0.6.0 October 25 2011

  • Added a native Mac OS X user interface.

  • Ubuntu app redesigned to feel more like a desktop application. See upgrade notes for important migration information.

  • Added support for CSV datasources.

  • Added support for export to SVG.

  • Added support for downloading remote datasources over HTTPS.

  • For remote datasources, TileMill can now use the Content-Disposition HTTP header to automatically identify the datasource type.

  • By default, connections are now only accepted from the loopback interface.

  • Fixed bug in Carto where the pound sign in an ID selector was optional.

0.5.1 September 07 2011

  • Fixed bug in OS X app that would activate the “Launch Browser” button before TileMill was ready.

  • Update to CodeMirror 2.13.

  • Better line-by-line error reporting for Carto files.

  • Fixed bug that would break conditional styles on some PostGIS layers.

  • Faster rendering thanks to performance improvements in Mapnik.

0.5.0 August 25 2011

  • SQLite/SpatiaLite datasource support.

  • Fixed bug in manual breadcrumb.

  • Autocorrect common id/class entry errors.

  • Handy preference panel in Mac OS X application.

  • Advanced field for datasources.

  • Fixed sytax error in Ubuntu install script.

  • New projects can optionally empty to save bandwith.

  • Better wording of buttons in modal confirmation dialogs.

  • Fix for bug that would cause Safari 5.1 to crash.

  • Fix for frequent “Forbidden” errors in Safari.

  • Automatic updates for Mac OS X app.


  • Bugfixes.


  • Bugfixes.


  • Major rewrite of application.

  • app.db file from previous versions is not compatible with 0.4

  • Default files directory is now ~/Documents/MapBox


  • Basic PostGIS layer support

  • New opacity features in Carto

  • Fix bug that prevent rendering non-interactive tilesets in some cases


  • Fix bug with S3 bucket listing


  • Upgrading requires an upgraded version of Mapnik. See the installation section of the README for Mapnik version and installation instructions.

  • Interactivity authoring

  • Use Modest Maps for map preview

  • Improved performance

  • Bug fixes


  • Initial public release